The Journey to Oracle Cloud

One of our most important missions as cloud migration experts is to educate you about the “Do’s & Don’ts” and show you the best way forward in your cloud challenge. As we just started a big cloud migration project, we thought we would do an educational experiment where we let you follow us on the journey through a series of video blogs that we release continuously along the projects way to success.

We call it "The Journey to Oracle cloud".

So take advantage of our know-how and FOLLOW ‘The Journey to Oracle Cloud’ which over the coming months will provide a transparent picture of how we as a partner help you achieve the full potential and what you need to be aware of when starting the journey.

Moving to cloud needs initial effort, but will substantially free up resources, cut costs & eliminate complexity in your operations.
- Rafael Gonzalez, VD at SYSCO Sweden

We will be following Rafael Gonzalez and his team through a series of 8 episodes. On this site we will present each episode continuously and as we progress in the project - so stay updated & come visit regularly.

An introduction to the "case"

Join us for a groundbreaking video blog series, as we follow Rafael Gonzalez and his team in a real-life cloud migration project for one of our customers. Below we introduce you to the scenario and for now "no name customer".

The (for now, "no-name") customer: 

Why a no name customer? The journey will be more exciting without knowing the customer from the beginning.Down the line this will be unfoiled. Stay tuned! 

What do they do? 

They produce oil for different industries. Their products are with us every day on roads, roofs, running shoes and lubricants for instance. This is just a small hint of what they are doing to keep you curious. 

The challenge: 

Moving Oracle assets from on-prem to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This customer has a ten years old Oracle BI infrastructure delivering critical intelligence to the business worldwide.

The platform consists of databases, ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) and OBI EE (Oracle Business Intelligence) that will be transitioned into more agile and future proofed assets such as Oracle ADW (autonomous data warehouse) and (OAC) Oracle Analytical Cloud.

Meet the experts

Throughout the series, you will meet several technicians, cloud architects and specialists, who are all sharing their experiences, knowledge and expectations around Oracle Cloud. The composition of the team will vary depending on the Business scenarios that we will address in each episode. 

The Program Manager

Rafael Gonzalez


Rafael is responsible for the program and the journey to the Oracle Cloud. Rafael will drive the engagement to the planned outcomes of each step of the journey and be your guide and host for The Journey to Oracle Cloud. 

The Lead Architect

Ajit Hegde Raghavendra


Ajit is the lead cloud architect for this journey. He is one of our superheroes at SYSCO with more than 15 years of experience within Oracle. Ajit will deliver the overall design of the Customer solution and facilitate the creation and execution of the journey. He will also orchestrate the inclusion of appropriate delivery resources needed for each step of the journey.

Subject Matter Experts



Subject Matter Experts are resources that will be assigned to the delivery team, and as required, help facilitate discussions about technical design. The SMEs will be presented in more detail as they are involved in each of the steps.

The 8 episodes

On the journey, the goal is to explore every conceivable challenge, complication and opportunity by choosing Oracle Cloud. During 8 episodes we will follow the Team and our Customer on The Journey to Oracle Cloud. New episodes will be available as we progress on our journey. If you want, you can sign up and follow the journey, then you will receive an e-mail when a new episode is released.

Please note that we will have a webinar at the end of the journey (more information presented as the last episode below). 



The Episodes

Live: Episode 01

Meet the architect >

In episode 1, we meet cloud architect Ajit Hegde, who puts some words on what he as a cloud architect expects about the project when moving from on-prem to Oracle Cloud.

See the videopresentation >

Live: Episode 02

Introduction to the high level approach >

In episode 2, we will discuss the high level approach for the project and the best practice methodologies for running the project through, Let's see what the project manager Lana and architect Ajit have to say about this. 

See the videopresentation >


Live: Episode 03

The importance of the network >

In episode 3, the purpose is to give you a deeper understanding in how the network in the cloud is built up and the importance of the network. 

See the videopresentation >

Live: Episode 04

How to evaluate business case and Return on Investment by using Oracle Cloud? >

In episode 4, we let you know the benefits of moving Oracle to cloud by sharing our knowledge in how to evaluate business case and Return on Investment.

See the videopresentation >

Live: Episode 05


Security and how to do it right >

In episode 5, we talk about the security aspects when moving to the cloud. It's highly important to think this through early in the process to establishing a shared responsibility model and a zero trust architecture.

See the videopresentation >

Live: Episode 06

What’s important to know about
Latency? >

In episode 6, we discuss the importance of latency and what you need to know in Oracle Cloud.

See the videopresentation >

Live: Episode 07


How to manage cloud services >

In episode 7, we talk about Managed Services and how to manage the cloud compared to on-prem.

See the videopresentation >

Live: Episode 08


Meet the Customer >

In episode 8, we have finally reached the end of this Oracle Cloud journey. It's now time to let you know who our no-name customer is. Meet NilsonGroup!

See the videopresentation >

Wrap-up webinar


Agenda >

- Presentation of the customers
- Round table discussion with the customers
- Q&A session

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Rafael Gonzalez

VD, SYSCO Sweden




Christian Skytt

CEO, SYSCO Denmark




Frank Vikingstad

VP, SYSCO International




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